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Once upon a time...

...I had a blog.
A long time ago - to be accurate over 3 years ago - I had a blog that I treasured a lot. It was something I liked doing. Not because I precisely wanted people to read it, but because it was like a hobby that I had a lot of fun with. If there and now someone cared to read it then that was fine and also nice for a change. Overall I just really had something I put in energy and for a while now I have been missing this.
I had my blog for about 3 years. As long as I haven't had one, I also had one, haha. Ironic. I guess when I moved out back in 2010 I kind of got distracted and didn't care anymore but now after quite a while I've finally made it and restored this blog of mine. I mean, it's not the one I once had and it never will be again (because for one reason that one is deleted...) but I intend to have a nice fresh start. This time though, things are a little different. I will be blogging in English because I get the feeling I can express myself better in this language as it's also one of my mother languages. I feel more connected to this language when writing. Classy, thehe. Also.. well I've categorized my stuff a bit. I'm planning on not only just blogging what I do - because let's face it, that gets boring - but also reviewing all kinds of stuff and questioning some things that bother me, or maybe you. As you might notice this blog is yet again on myblog.de because of the simple reason that I just can't get myself to like all that other stuff. I have problems coding my designs or other things and.. well I know I could get help but everyhing I tried just wasn't going well or took me too long (no offense). This just feels right. Having it back where it once was. I know the advertising and stuff isn't the best. But this is a just for fun blog so let's not give it a shit. Ok ?

As for myself, to those who don't know me. I am just your everyday girl at the age of 21 trying to get through life the best way possible without getting too many bruises. (omg, that's so poetic) Also you'll have to excuse spelling mistakes. I might be a native speaker but I've never written a lot in English. Trying to keep it up though.
Well, what more? I life in Germany and am almost finished with my job training. Afterwards I plan on going back to school for a better degree to achieve something that will fulfill this everyday life of mine. Though I might still not know what that will be yet. Give me some time.

I guess that has to be it for now. If you want to know more general information about me check out the link here~
If you have read this then thank you very much. I hope I haven't wasted your time and you may be looking forward to reading more. Natuarlly I am looking forward to be able to write lots more now that I've been able to get back to my passion.

Yours truly

~ hatzepueh

11.11.13 01:38

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