29th of July - 17th of August

We arrived in Japan after travelling for around 23 hours. Had a 4 hour-stop in Shanghai and when we finally arrived at Tokyo Airport... we were all so tired ! I had slept in the plane - because I'd planned everything through to avoid jetlag.

We had troubles getting to our hostel because the last train from the airport only took us to Ueno Station. So... we had no other choice but walking all the way to Asakusa where our hostel was located (probably around 30 minutes). After finally getting there we checked in and my boyfriend-chan and I fell right into bed while our friend stayed up in the lobby.

The next morning we got our first meal in Japan ! So exciting. We went to Yoshinoya. A 'fast food place' with great portions of food and great prices. Our friend (this had been his third time travelling to Tokyo) recommended this place to us and also the meal we both ordered that day. The beef bowl. A big portion of rice with beef on top for only 280yen ! It was so yummy. And that was definitely not the last time we would go there.

On our first day really being in Tokyo we explored the area around our hostel. Which meant Asakusa. This part of Tokyo is famous for its temples. There are also lots and lots of stalls around the streets where you could buy wonderful souvenirs or yukatas and all kinds of things. It was just so nice there.
Our intentions while walking through all these streets were actually finding a tourist information to change our currency from euro into yen. Found it pretty fast though

In Japan, I seriously lost my boyfriend to all of the vending machines. No shit: They have one there every 100m if not even less. It's really great and practical. Also in Japan you don't have to return your empty bottles or cans because they don't give back money. In Germany it's so difficult because you always have to return everything and stuff... (also I seem to have found out there is no word for the German "Pfand" .. wtf.)

While walking around Asakusa we saw the Asahi buildung (the tall golden building looking like beer), another funny looking building (the one with the horn) and of course the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower which was told to me, is supposed to be the second highest building on this planet.
We could also see the Sky Tree Tower from our hostel. Our hostel btw was right across an amusement park. I remember waking up every morning, leaving the room for the bath rooms and hearing kids having fun and the sound of some kind of rollercoster.

After we returned from our stroll through main Asakusa we went to a close by Game Center. Was really cool seeing one of these that you usually only see in Anime. It wasn't as big as other ones in Akihabara but it was really nice there.

My boyfriend and I got ourselves a great dish for dinner in a close by restaurant. What I love about Japanese diners is, that you mostly always get water for free. So refreshing !

On our next day we visited Akihabara. We went there by bike. Everything was so big and so full of Anime ! It was a true paradise for every Otaku, haha.

This was my paradise. I wish I could've bought way more Rilakkuma merchandise ;_; But well.. as pretty as everything is it's also very expensive. Considering Akihabara I actually didn't buy anything big at all because I planned on saving up my money for Shibuya. The guys just always kept saying "Oh, we'll go tomorrow !" and on the next day when I was all excited they said "Nahh, it's too late now ! We'll go tomorrow !". Until after a while when I decided I would go. If with or without them. But that's a story that's coming up later !
Next up is ... Shinjuku and Edogawa.

Boyfriend-chan and I got up early this day to go buy ourselves a Yukata/Ginbei (might got the spelling wrong, sorry) because there was a festival in Edogawa that evening where we wanted to go to. Also it was our 7 month anniversary so I was all "Hurray, a firework together ♥" and stuff. You know.. how girls are.
I think we walked around for like 3 hours until I finally had a good yukata I felt fine with buying. We then met up with our friend and went to Shinjuki. We didn't have much time though.

We went to the Metropolitan Government Building and rode up to the platforms. It was sooo high ! I'm afraid of hights but I actually did fine. They view was really stunning.

After getting back down we really had to hurry back and get changed. We war way to late for the festival and by the time we got there the firework only went on for about 10 minutes. I was so sad to only see the last part of it. But nevertheless it was the most beautiful firework I had seen so far ♥
The only not so good part about it was that I got blisters all over my feet and even had to wear bandage the next days

On the next day then we wanted to go see Tokyo Tower by bike. I wasn't in such a good mood because my foot kept hurting all the time ;_; It was just very hard to keep up the speed of the guys. Even so it was a really great trip ! We passed by the Tokyo Central Station which was inspired by the Central Station in Amsterdam. I also thought it had a very europee-style to it.

We then reached Tokyo Tower after a long bike ride. The guys were eager to go up the tower by foot. But no way with me :D haha. There was this special or how you call it they had going: Because of the Olympics 2020 Tokyo had a parkour to run a certain distance around the area of the Tokyo Tower (and I mean really run) and then go up all the stairs to the main platform (not the highest platform. The highest ist the observatory I think.. hah what do I know). Anyway.. they did that and therefore didn't have to pay to get up. Boyfriend-chan was in good shape, but our friend, haha, we laughed it away XD

The view from Tokyo Tower was awesome ! And it was very pretty up there in general. They had nice monitors that viewed the whole city of Tokyo by day and night in highspeed - so awesome. Though it was kind of boring for me to wait up there for about 40 minutes XD I felt a little lonely wandering around the tower. It was very very special for me though to get up there while it was still daylight outside and then slowly got dark. That way I got to see the view in bot day and night time. And I even got to see the sunset, hihi.

While I waited for the guys to get back down from the tower I already decided on which ice-crêpe I would eat. I was sooo looking forward to eating one ! hnngh. Wish I had more ;_; I really miss this kind of store in Berlin. It was the only one so far in Germany, hmpf. Anyway: It was so yummy nomnomnom. I had the special on - the most expensive XD But it had ice-cream, strawberrys, cream, chocolate sauce, sugar sprinkles and even strawberry-cheesecake ! It was so so perfect, hngh.

Hell yes. The next day was Shibuya, baby. And you all know what that meant ? SHOPPING !
I am still so proud of my boyfriend-chan. He managed 2 hours at one of the biggest shopping malls for women in Shibuya. haha. I'm not easy on him. So sorry ♥

We also passed Yoyogi-Park and went to Harajuku. Because it was Monday there weren't as many great styled girls or cosplayers there as I'd expected but even so it was crowded. There was also some kind of festival going on starring Ayumi Hamasaki and so on ! Pretty cool.

And then there was Takeshita Street... phew. When I think about it I really want to go back so badly. It was so very crowded but for a reason. The fashion there is just outstanding. There were so many wonderful things I wish I could afford but I tried to keep it at a limit.. I probably spent around 4 hours there I think. It was just really overwhelming. My boyfriend and I lost our friend in the crowd and then later on had to find our way back to Shibuya Station. Not listening to me we went back the difficult way all the way trough Yoyogi-Park. Believe me, when it turns dark there you have no clue where you are. Everything looks the same. It was like we were trapped in a labyrinth. It took us maybe 2 hours to get back to our hostel but when we finally got back we were glad and exhausted, haha. The park at night had something really beautiful about it. With multi-colored water fountains~ so pretty.
Our friend still hadn't got back to the hostel though so we thought he might still be looking for us and felt kind of bad. Turned out he was hanging out with some friends he met in Tokyo a year ago and drinking beer. haha. So typical !

Next day, hurray ! My better half and I went to Ueno Zoo. ♥
This is without a doubt the most beautiful zoo I've ever seen. It is so unbelievably huge. Everything is made up so nice and comfy for the animals and they just have so many animals there as well. There is this train you can take to get to the other side. We found out later that we could've saved the money and walked there but it was still nice to take this cute little train :D Considering the size of the zoo we got through in quite a good time. I think we were there for 5 to 6 hours. We were too late for the crocodiles and alpakas though ;_; next time ! hihi.

I took so many pictures of the animals. But there are just too many so I didn't edit anything on that topic (:

The next day we went to Odaiba.
Odaiba was probably my favorite part of Tokyo. Everything was so festive, active and especially huge there.

Also I felt so reminded of one of my favorite series when growing up: Digimon.
The Fuji TV Station (as you can see in the picture) was so similar to what I've seen in the show as a kid. And in combination with the Rainbow Bridge it was the perfect setting. I fell in love the moment we were on the train there. You had the most perfect view from the train driving by the rainbow bridge and crossing it. Really great.
Though we didn't do a lot there we went to this one center were they had a lot of restaurants as well. We wanted to have a great dinner all three together, just for the sake of it and to make it something special as well. It took us probably an hour and some arguements finding a restaurant where we wanted to go, haha. Somehow we managed to find one that we all liked.
They had Italian food.

I was craving minced meat so I was just very happy getting some typical Spagetti ♥ Also had a Tequila Sunrise. Think that was the only real cocktail I drank there. (The guys had Pizza and beer, haha)
I love this picture. You just get a great feeling of how pretty the view was even while eating !

It's Shinkansen Time ! We had a Japanese Rail Pass for one week.

The Shinkansen really is different from your everyday train. Especially compared to German trains. You have so much space for your legs and what I also found great about these trains was, that you could turn around the seats and turn them into 4 or 6 seats. After sitting in a Shinkansen for 7 hours you kind of start getting the feeling you get in a German IC/E for 2 1/2 hours. It's really like that. I've sat in one for that long, haha.

Our destination was Osaka. I'm a huge Osaka fan ! I love the dialect and also one of my favorite Anime series is set there (Lovely Complex) as well as a lot of episodes my favorite character from Detective Conan is from (Heiji Hattori). This was a big highlight for me. I wish I could've seen more from the city itself because we actually only managed to get to the Pokémon Center and take a look at Osaka Castle... but... what happened after that just made the trip to Osaka even more memorable and special.

I spent so much money at the Pokémon Center. Really. So. Much. Money. OTL

(messed up Pikachus... what's up with them XD?)

Seeing Osaka Castle by night was really amazing. It's so bright and especially sooo high up ! Amazing. My best friend and I walked across the bridge towards the castle where a special case in the show Detective Conan had taken place (a murder to be more specific) while listening to creepy Tracks of the Conan Soundtrack. It was so classy and I'll never forget it !

On our way back to the station we ran into an older lady that tried talking to us in English. She managed pretty well but a lot of times she lost track and spoke in Japanese. She praised my good understanding of the language because I mostly understood everything and answered correctly in English. You see.. my understanding is okay I'd say but I really don't speak much. But beeing praised by an actual Japanese lady just made me feel so proud ;O; This was also one of my highlights.

After returning to Shin-Osaka Station we wanted to get on the next Shinkansen back to Tokyo.
"The Shinkansen drive all night long." is what he said. "The last train left at 22:10." is what they said. We got stuck in Osaka because there weren't any trains leaving to Tokyo anymore. The next train was to leave around 6 o'clock in the morning. Haha.. it was somehow so funny but so classy. We were all pretty fed up with the situation. Shin-Osaka Station isn't really in a special location. There's nothing to do around and all there really is is an industrial area. Also the train station closed at midnight. We spent one more hour after that at McDonalds and after they had closed as well.. well.. we just walked around the industrial area. At some point we found a convenience store that also had free wi-fi. We camped on the bench in front of the store but didn't sleep. We always went into the store and kept looking at things just to get some air conditioning to wear off the humidity in Osaka even at night.

Somewhere along the way we all went crazy because we were so tired. I found a drink in the store that had Rilakkuma socks attached to it. They're like socks that you put over your bottle so it stays warm or cold. I just had to have them. So I wanted to buy like 6 bottles but my boyfriend stopped me from doing so.. haha. In the end I only bought two and another drink with a Pokémon phone strap. Those Japanese really know how to get people to buy crap. The drinks tasted really disgusting but it was toally worth it. And hey, the guys also got thereselves a phone strap ! So no pressure o-okay.. My boyfriend-chan had to carry back like 6 bottles ... haha. He's so patient with me :D'''

We returned to the hostel at 9:30 in the morning and went straight to bed. Slept in till around 4 o'clock...
As we got to the lobby later there was a woman looking for people that would participate in an "act" for Fuji TV's morning show. It would air on TV really early the next Wednesday but we missed it because we were on a trip. My best friend and I agreed to help out. Our task was simply going to an all japanese restaurant with them (which means nobody speaks English) and ordering Monjayaki from an old lady that doesn't speak any other language then Japanese. We got iPhones with translation apps and they attached microphones to our body. I felt a little like a star, lol.

We didn't even quite know what Monjayaki was. It wasn't easy ordering something haha... But we managed pretty well and it was really funny for the crew I think. They just kept on lauging a lot. My best friend was especially funny. I didn't even interact that much. The Monjayaki was really tasty and after filming was finished we got to eat more and drink as much as we wanted. Free food ♥ haha. There was this waitress... she heard we were Germans and said "Dankeschön" (Thank you) to us and told us she loved the German language and is trying to learn it step by step. It was so cute ;^;

Moving on to Kyoto. The next day we went there with the Shinkansen.

We visited one temple and went up like 20'000 steps ... I think there might have been even more steps. It was so hot and so exhausting to walk up all these steps. At some point I was just craving cold water but the vending machines just kept getting insanely expensive the higher we got up (here again: Japanese people know how to make money). As we were almost all the way up I bought the probably most expensive soft ice of my life.. but it was just so refreshing, hah. When we finally reached the top of the temple (was that even called a temple then ? There where so many .. oh well) we had a great view over Kyoto.

After returning to the Central Station though, we had to return to the hostel because our friend wasn't feeling well at all :/

My boyfriend-chan and I decided that we definitely wanted to go to the beach as I had never really been to one for swimming and stuff. So we looked up a close beach and googled some reviews on them. We decided to go to Zushi !

The beach there was so gorgeous. I really enjoyed myself. Salt water tastes disgusting haha. We had so so much fun and I wish I could go there everyday ;O; We stayed the whole day and even got ourselves a parasol and a waterball.

The sunset was so pretty. Also the water there was just so clear. There was nothing but sand. No gross things there. ♥

The next day was one of our last days with the Japanese Rail Pass so we decided to do something very special. We got up at 4 o'clock in the morning to head out for the Shinkansen to... Hiroshima ! Boyfriend-chan and I took the train to Hiroshima. From Hiroshima we took another train to Miyajima-guchi where we got on board a ship to the island of Miyajima. It took us over 7 hours to finally get to the island but the trip on the ship was so nice eventhough it only took us around 15 minutes on the ship.

Miyajima is a very pretty island known for this big gate that stands in the water. It looked really pretty on pictures but it's nothing compared to seeing it for real. Maybe one day I will get to see it while the sun goes down. That would just be a dream come true ! Miyajima is also known for the deers that live there.

The deers walk around everywhere on this island. They live together with the people. It was unbelievable. We didn't even know this fact until we got there and saw deers everywhere. We then at some point started reading the signs that they had in English and found out about it. It was so awesome. They were not shy at all and everyone petted them.

Miyajima was also a big highlight of this trip. I think it's one of my favorite places from this trip. Everything was so beautiful and even considering we spent more time on trains then on the island it was totally worth the miles.
We didn't have that much time there but the island is pretty small so we actually managed to see the most important places and had lots and lots of fun ! After returning to Hiroshima we had some time to spare and wanted to take a look at the city. Haha.. that's what we thought. It was SO HOT. There were 40°C outside. No kidding. It was 100 times hotter there then it was in Tokyo. Tokyo felt like a bliss compared to Hiroshima. I just couldn't take the humidity... no way. (And I even managed Shanghai..) It was horrifying. We made it to a playground were I got on the swings for some fresh air but then we headed right back to the station. haha. Decided to get some food there and went to a nice restaurant. I got myself some Tempura Veggies and the Mr. got his Oysters !

We happily fell into bed after this day trip. ♥

The next day we decided to got to the beach in Zushi again because it was our last day we had the Japanese Rail Pass. I really miss the beach. It was so nice there. This time our friend - who'd missed out on a lot of things because he was clearly jetlaged but didn't admit it - even made it to meet up with us there :D

The day after was already the last day that we had time to do something. So I got what I wanted from the start and the Mr. and I went to Tokyo Sea Life Park. It was not easy getting there. We took the train to where it said we should go but from there on we couldn't walk there like it said... we had nothing to look up but we memorized the japanese symbols of 'Sea Life' and found them on a bus stop. I knew that taking a bus in Japan wasn't an easy task for a tourist but ... we tried. And we made it. We then even reached our destination.

The Sea Life Park was so awesome. It was so huge and there was so much to see. I really enjoyed it. And also.... I fell in love. With baby penguins.

AREN'T THEY JUST THE CUTEST !? Goodness.... I stood there a half an hour and just watched them being fed and wabbling around, hihi. So cute ♥
Before the park closed we got some food at their restaurant and after that some ice-cream. We were some fools to want to eat our ice-cream on a platform in front of the restaurant. You could see the ocean there and sit on a bench but it was so fu**ing windy that ... well ... I got my ice-cream all over me and all over the floor because it was hot and windy and it just wouldn't stop dripping. The people next to us just laughed at me and so did my boyfriend XDDD haha. Afterwards we just stood on the platform for a while getting blown away by the wind and making dorky pictures of headbanging in the wind... :D

On our way home from the park we also went on a nearby ferris wheel... It was so high up.. I have never been so scared in my life it was horrifying. It was really... not great. I dindn't like being up there at all :D so sad.. But the view was nice .. of what I saw.

The day after consited of packing. Our check-out the next morning was quite complicated and .. really annoying. Nevermind ! We headed back to the airport and got ready for take off. We had a brief stop in Beijing and then got on the plane back to Frankfurt. Arriving there after 14 hours flight I got on a train back home. It was sad saying goodbye to my guys after 3 weeks and it was also strange being back in Germany. The people here can be so intolerant and difficult. The first thing I heard after we got off the plane was "Urgh, what's she wearing in her hair !?". I was wearing a hair band in bought in Tokyo. So mean, really Also .. it was so cold. We came back from 30°C+ to ... 11°C. When we got there it was THAT cold. Crazy.

That's all already. Wow. It took me so long writing up all this stuff about our vacation but really it didn't feel all that long and I had a lot of fun reminiscing the time I spent in Japan. It was without a doubt one of the best times in my life and I am so happy to have had this chance of visiting this place. I would go again straight away if anybody offered it.

For those who have read till the end: WOW ! And also I hope you enjoyed my report.
What was your best vacation so far and do you dream of going to Japan or maybe other places ? Let me know in the comments below if you like and thank you so much for reading <3

Yours truly

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Ich hoffe, ich werde irgendwann auch die Möglichkeit dazu haben :__:

Es freut mich jedenfalls, dass es für dich so ein tolles Erlebnis war ♥ (Und danke nochmal, dass du beim Pokemoncenter an mich gedacht hast uguu~~)

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