Kimi no Iru Machi

"A Town Where You Live" Anime Review

Over the past few days I've started watching Kimi ni Iru Machi again. An Anime I already started once it began airing. Actually I'd been excited for the series because I've read the manga (not everything yet but a good piece of it) but in this season I had to put almost everything on-hold because I simply didn't have the time to watch the shows.
Now that I've finally finished it, I felt like sharing my experiences with it.

Simply put the story revolves around the girl Eba Yuzuki (right girl in the picture), a girl from Tokyo that moves to the countryside (somewhere around Hiroshima) to attend high school there and a guy named Kirishima Haruto whose father seems to be working for Eba's father. Anyway ! Eba comes to this town where he - Haruto - lives and from that day on she lives in the same house as Haruto. Mainly because of the connection of their parents, mostly because this story needs some kind of story to get them together. You know how it's done, haha.

So basically that's all there is to the beginning story. This Anime is based on a Manga that started releasing back in 2008. Needless to say that 12 episodes just seemed not to be enough to cover this whole story developement. And believe me, there is so much developement. I like the Manga in general a lot actually. It covers up topics that I find interesting to read in something like this.

Putting aside that there are only 12 episodes for a lot of story plot they actually managed quite well I must say. Because the story starts with them meeting and goes on to them graduating, being apart and meeting again to the point where they are college students the creators simply made the stories of the different 'time zones' collide. It wasn't like a flash back, they just adjusted it more to be more colliding. If you know what I mean.

I won't say too much about the story because this is just something someone has to see for themselves and if you know what topics are in it it will take away the fun. It's a big journey you take up with the characters as they each develope. There are a lot of clichées in it. Of course. Even so the story knew how to get me and make me even tear up really hard during one whole episode. The end ruined it a little for me. Wasn't my favorite solution but on the other hand I can't compare that part to the Manga and I would guess they just had to take on something because the Manga hasn't finished yet (that is what I know of, maybe I'm wrong though, MAL says so) :/

I thought it was a nice show to watch and also the adaption was pretty good actually. Which is why I rated 7/10 on MAL for a 'Good'. Most reviews I read weren't that positive and I can also understand why. But I just wanted to give this show a chance and I think it did well. So why not enjoy something simple for once ?

Have you seen the Anime ? If yes, how did you like it ? Maybe this review inspired you watch the show or read the manga. In either way thank you very much for reading and have a nice day !

Yours truly

~ hatzepueh

12.11.13 21:00

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