My year 2013

It's been a hard days night...

It hasn't been easy these past few weeks while I prepared myself for my theoretical final exam. Somehow I'm still alive, hurray ! The tests weren't easy and I've really no idea what I should think.. I can't say for sure that it worked out fine so I will just have to wait for the online results around mid-December. Phew.
I wish the most of luck to everyone that is still about to face their final exam or having other term papers or tests coming up. Good luck !

There was a lot going on the last weeks. Even though I had a lot to study I also had a lot of fun like seeing my boyfriend again after 5 weeks. Finally ! I always miss him so much when we're apart for so long, ugu.
We celebrated the birthday of my room mate and went to a Mongolian buffet. The day after we went to the Christmas Market in Dusseldorf with some friends and afterwards went to the movies to see the new Hunger Games movie "Catching Fire" with a lot of good friends. This movie was so intense. I cried so much and so often, ugh. I just loved it. Will probably do a post about this movie because it was just so great ;_; I haven't read the second book yet (just finished the first one yesterday) but I'm eager to read it as well. It's just such a pain to have to wait so long for the next movie.
This was all before I had my test. I was very very nervous the night before and even had to make myself a "nerve and sleep tea", but it really helped. The day after the final exam it was the birthday of the boyfriend of my other room mate so we all went to a pizza and pasta all you can eat. nomnom. That was this Thursday. And since then I've just been chilling and enjoying my time off from studying. Also I have been reading a lot (the first Panem book). Never finished a book so fast.

Only 2 1/2 weeks left for practising for my practical final exam in January... ugh. It's just a lot more to face then the theoretical part considering I can't "study" for it and just have to try to practise... somehow.

On the 19th of December it's home sweet home. I will go to Bavaria to visit my mum and to celebrate Christmas.
Next Friday I'll be attending a Christmas party from my work place and right after I will meet up with my Mr. at his parent's place.<3 Really looking forward to it !

The year just passed by so quickly. It's crazy how time goes by. Don't you think ?
So here's a little flashback of my year 2013:

- How was your year on a scale from 1 to 10:
I guess I would say it was a little greater for some reasons which would make me tend to a 8

- Did you loose or gain weight this year?
I gained a lot of weight this year with which I feel very unhappy ;_; Need to loose it again, buya.

- Are your hair shorter or longer this year?
Guess there the same as by the time last year. Maybe still a bit shorter.

- Did you spend more money or save more this year?
Actually I did both but considered what I've spent I'd probably say I spent more money then I saved.

- Healthier or unhealthier this year?
Considering my eating behaviours it kept changing a lot through the year. Sometimes I ate healthy some times unhealthy but the trend for the end of the year is more towards the unhealthy part~
Looking at my sicknesses I'd say unhealthier because I was down for over a month in the beginning of the year and I'm still struggling with migraines to the end of the year.

- On what did you spend the most money on this year?
Probably on my trip to Japan but most of it wasn't my own money so maybe also eating at restaurants ?

- The best album of the year?
I really liked the Florence + The Machine album "Between Two Lungs" though it's from 2010.
Also I really enjoyed lots of soundtracks this year. The "Shingeki no Kyojin OST" is a true masterpiece and the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the movie "The Hunger Games - Catching Fire" which just came out recently is really 'catchy'. There are also two albums from the end of last year I just kept hearing throughout the whole year: "Red" from Taylor Swift and "My Head Is an Animal" from Of Monsters And Men.

- Best book of the year?
It's also not from this year and I've only read it recently but "The Hunger Games" (first book) was just epic. I have to say I sadly don't read a lot and when I do it takes me a lot of time... Still reading "Me before you" from Jojo Moyes and also "House of Leaves". Eager to finish both but not motivated enough, urg~

- Best concert of the year?
Strangely I think I haven't been to one this year... can it be possible ? Maybe I'm forgetting something but it seems like this year was totally without concerts.

- Best movie of the year?
It might be getting annoying but I really do think "The Hunger Games - Catching Fire" was my favorite movie of the year.

- Whith whom did you spent the best time this year?
Obviously with my favorite Mr., but of course also with the best friends anyone could wish

- Something you did for the first time this year?
I went on vacation. Moreover I went to Japan.

- Favorite activities this year?
Hanging out with boyfriend-chan
Playing 'werewolf' with my friends.
Watching videos and vlogs from BubzBeauty (srsly.. yes).

- Best present you gave someone this year?
I hope all presents were 'best' and nice for the person who received it. Though I did get my Mr. a Nintendo 3DS XL and I think/hope he was very happy about it <3

- The worst situation for you this year?
Phew... there were a lot of not so nice situations but I think they're not worth counting. Maybe when my boyfriend and I got on a ferris wheel in Japan after the Sea Life Park. That was truly horrifying D:

- Best desicion this year?
To make cocktails (;D <3) and to want to start going to school again.

- Describe 2013 in one word:

Stay tuned for my 'new years resolutions', reviews of the "Catching Fire" movie and the first "Hunger Games" book and have a nice Sunday !

Yours truly

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