New Year's Resolutions 2014

Like I'm freezing in the night...

Hello everyone. I'm back again !
I've had a wonderful weekend at my boyfriend's parents place. Of course with him, haha.
We went to dinner on Saturday to kind of celebrate the engagement of his mother
She's getting married end of December. And I ... need a dress ! (This is just my excuse to buy a new dress. Women.. :D)

Anyway.. this post today is about my New Year's Resolutions.
I only have a few because I know I can't complete most anyway, haha.

So let's get started !

My resolutions for the year 2014:

- Lose weight
A classic. Some might say "Uhh, she just wants attention." or "She's not fat". Ok. I get that. Say all you want and let me do what I want. I might not be obese or overweight but I have gained quite a bit this past year and I just don't feel happy with it. Also I don't feel fit or healthy. I just want to try to change my lifestyle slowly throughout next year to lose weight and feel more healthy and happy with myself. I don't see a problem with that. This is mostly something I have on my list every year but this time it's different. I hope.

- Be more organized
If I'm honest I'm a very chaotic person but I still have a side to myself that has to be organized. And this side of me is pressuring and wants to get out. I always try to do most of my tasks organized but I'm talking about living in a more organized atmosphere, like a tidied room and stuff. I've never been very neat with this but I really need it. For myself and my brain function. I just know I can work and think more efficiently when everything's clean and organized. Yes.
Also for this year I'm in high spirits to keep up with my personal schedule 2014 (book). I've bought a really cute one from Rilakkuma Last year I made it to August with my schedule. Let's see how far I can take it this year !

- Get a fresh start and study hard
I will finish my training hopefully in mid January 2014. After this I will start going back to school in February to achieve a better school degree. This is where I need to concentrate on. I need a fresh start and I need to give it my all and study as much as possible to succeed. YOSH. For a fresh start I'm thinking about getting a hair cut. Maybe way shorter. I've had long hair for the last 10 years. Wow, when I think about it that's a really really long time.

♣ A word that comes to mind when I think about 2014:

That's it for this post again ! Still planning on something for the Hunger Games. Let's see how my motivation goes. Having a lot to do for preparing for my final exams at work atm so I'm always very lazy when I get home.

What are your New Year's Resolutions ? Let me know !

Yours truly

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9.12.13 20:56

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